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We’re full-time RVers with a passion for the outdoors and the National Parks. Before hitting the road, we both developed valuable skill sets which we employ on the road today.

Our Qualifications

Lucas Villa-Kainec

Lucas is a Voice Over professional with a background in tech. He’s trained with some of the best in the industry. You can expect excellent vocal quality and professionalism with each project he voices. He also has skills in audio editing and web development. Check out his profile for his demo, and his LinkedIn profile for details on past work experiences.

Sarah Villa-Kainec

Sarah worked as a Computer Programmer over the past decade in a corporate environment. And on the road, she’s rounded out her skillset to include writing, design and photography. Her passion lies in working with customers and assessing their needs to create innovative websites and applications. Check out her LinkedIn profile for details on past work experiences.

What We Can Do For You

  • Voice Over/Audio Editing

    Would you like the voice of Podcasts with Park Rangers for your next ad campaign or video tutorial? Lucas has experience in technical videos, podcast intros, and other narration. Additionally, he’s available for copywriting and to edit or master any audio you need.

  • Websites

    Do you need a new blog or website? Sarah has 10 years of web development experience, and can help you get up and running with your next blog on any platform: WordPress, Shopify, Squarespace, and more. She is also skilled at creating and integrating custom web parts to meet your specific needs.

  • Freelance Content Creation

    Sarah and Lucas can offer a unique perspective for content on your website. We can provide blog posts, photography services, and other original creations in a variety of niches:

    • RVing
    • National Park Planning
    • Travel
    • Camping & Hiking
    • Nature & the Outdoors
  • Social Media

    We can help reach your audience with eye catching graphics and engaging content. Whether that be as a brand ambassador, sponsored posts, or consulting services — we can work with you to meet your social media needs.

  • Interviews/Speaking Engagements

    Lucas and Sarah have gained a unique perspective as full-time travelers, podcasters and RVers. They are available to speak on a variety of topics:

    • Podcasts with Park Rangers – What we’ve learned from the Rangers & how we’ve applied it to our own lives
    • Lessons learned as full-time RVers
    • Public Lands and their importance
    • Working together as a couple who’s overcome relationship problems and hardships

    For more info about us, what we can bring to an interview, and past guest experience — check out our Podcast Guesting one sheet!

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