Life on the road can be lonely during our RV adventures. Long stretches of highway and what feels like eons between when we see friends and relatives. Sometimes, even finding community in an RV park or campground can be difficult. Some things have helped:

  • We’ve started to find our tribe — like-minded RVers who do similar things to what we do. We gathered this year at the RV Entrepreneur Summit in Fredericksburg, TX. If we find out any of our full-time friends are in the area, we hang out!
  • We stop to see friends and family.
RV Adventures 2018: Sarah and Lucas with friends.

Sarah and Lucas with the Kellys! One of our stops to see friends in 2017.

But, we want more community… especially while we take the time to see our National Parks. So, here are our plans for 2018! If we’re making a stop someplace close to where you live, let us know. We can do coffee, dinner, or if you’re super awesome you’ll let us park in the driveway (wink, wink).

Also, we would like to share with you our big plans for this year… more on that later.

2018’s RV Adventure: Up The Rockies, Down The Coast

We’ve already kicked off this journey in New Mexico at Carlsbad Caverns. Soon, we will be moving to Monument Valley, Utah.

The rest of the year will look a little like this:


  • Moab: After living in Colorado for nearly a decade, neither of us visited a single national park in Utah which is right next door. This year, that’s going to change. We want to do Arches, and the rest we will play by ear!
  • Crestone, CO: A stop to visit Lucas’s family and see one of our favorite National Parks — Great Sand Dunes National Park.

RV Adventures 2018: Great Sand Dunes NP


  • Denver: Hello old friends! We’re rolling through 4/27-5/5.
  • South Dakota: Going back to our first road trip together. Lucas and I are revisiting the Badlands & Devils Tower. We’re also going to add a trip to Minuteman Missile Park to take a good look at a really different site in the NPS — it’ll be a blast!


  • Glacier NP: I’ve been dying to get up to Montana for years, and it’s finally happening!


  • Portland, OR: We’re going to another conference called World Domination Summit. We aren’t trying to conquer the world, but it’s a fun place for entrepreneurs to learn and network.
  • Seattle/Mount Rainier: Why not visit a cool city on the coast and an active volcano?

RV Adventures 2018: Seattle skyline


  • North Cascades National Park: A remote park where some of it can only be accessed by ferry. If we get backpacking gear in time, we might try to do an overnight.
  • Hwy 101 from Washington to California: Because we need to get this RV on the coast.


  • Redwood National Park: Let’s go see some Redwoods. You can tell they’re Redwoods by the way they are — neat!
  • San Francisco: Hello Sarah’s sister, we’re coming!
  • Yosemite National Park: We’re wanting to round out the year with one of the biggest and oldest parks in the NPS.

RV Adventures 2018: The Golden Gate Bridge


  • Grand Canyon National Park: Lucas has never been, so we’re going!
  • New Orleans: I know… somehow we suddenly went from west coast to NOLA, but it’s time to go back and hibernate in Florida. But first, we’ll need to stop for a little jazz.
  • Florida: Hello home!

RV Adventures 2018: A Jazz Band in New Orleans

Other stops exist between those listed here as we explore in our RV. If you want to see our exact dates and all the stops, you can view our spreadsheet here.

And yes, it’s in a spreadsheet… how else would you do it?!?

So What About Those Big Plans?

For about a year, Lucas and I have been mulling over starting a podcast. It’s obvious from our travel plans, we love our National Parks. We love them so much that it has been a goal for us to see all 417 units in the National Park System.

We know it’s a little weird and crazy, but we love to learn. And at every unit, we have loved talking to Park Rangers.

We thought, “Wouldn’t it be cool to interview Park Rangers on a podcast?”

Yes, yes it would.

RV Adventures 2018: Ranger Katie Crowley, our first interviewee.

Ranger Katie Crowley, our first interviewee.

And it has been fun so far!

We’re in the early stages, and we have already interviewed two park rangers at Carlsbad Caverns. Phone calls have been made for future stops, and we hope to have the podcast out in a month or two — depending on how much time we put into post-production.

Keep on the lookout here, and we’ll let you know once we publish the podcast.

Future of the Virtual Kamper Blog

RV Adventures 2018: Sarah and Lucas at El Morro NM

We still plan to work on this blog. I know we haven’t been great about posting our RV adventures. However, after our first interview, a fire has been lit. We’re motivated to start sharing everything we’re doing with our readers!

We hope to keep sharing with you. Inspiring you to camp, hike and explore. And, so we can build that community that we have craved.

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