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Podcasts With Park Rangers

Podcasts with Park Rangers is a show where we explore the importance of our National Parks and Historic sites with those who live and work in them every day. We’ll learn about history, science and the beauty of nature from a unique perspective.

If you’re a lover of the National Parks, the outdoors, history, science, or nature — you’re going to love this show!

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Oregon Caves NM: Wild Caving, Geology, and the River Styx - Ranger Katie Dagastino

Oregon Caves NM: Wild Caving, Geology, and the River Styx – PWPR 25

In the Siskiyou mountains at 4,000 feet exists one of the few marble caves in the National Park Service. On this…

Bainbridge Island: The Incarceration of Japanese Americans in WWII - Ranger Kevin Mahe

Bainbridge Island: The Incarceration of Japanese Americans in WWII

The flourishing immigrant community at Bainbridge Island was home to people from all over the world looking for a new start…

Klondike Gold Rush National Historical Park: Seattle's Gold Rush Boom - Ranger Julie Fonseca de Borges

Klondike Gold Rush NHP: Seattle’s Gold Rush Boom – PWPR 23

The Klondike Gold Rush of 1897 caused an economic boom for the city of Seattle. People flocked to the Pacific Northwest…

Mount Rainier National Park: Glaciers and Climate Change - Geomorphologist Paul Kennard

Mt Rainier NP: Glaciers and Climate Change – PWPR 22

Geomorphologist Paul Kennard calls Mount Rainier National Park the canary in a coal mine when it comes to climate change. Glaciers…


Mt Rainier NP: Volcanic Activity and Park Geology – PWPR 21

A trip to Mount Rainier National Park brings you through lush landscapes dotted with wildflowers. However, a beast lies beneath the…

Lewis and Clark NHP: A Multilayered Tale of Exploration - Ranger Jon Burpee

Lewis and Clark NHP: A Multilayered Tale of Exploration – PWPR 20

The tale of Lewis and Clark is one many Americans heard in school. Two mountain men who explore the west with…

Whitman Mission National Historic Site: Cultural Misunderstandings - Ranger Michael Bogert

Whitman Mission NHS: Cultural Misunderstandings – PWPR 19

In the early 1800’s the US went through a revival of Christianity and people of faith signed up to minister to…

Glacier National Park: Wildlife Safety and the Bark Ranger- Ranger Mark Biel

Glacier NP: Wildlife Safety with the Bark Ranger – PWPR 18

Bark Ranger Gracie has a big job at Glacier National Park: to keep wildlife away from high visitor use areas in…

Little Bighorn Battlefield NM: Examining Why We Preserve Battlefields

Little Bighorn Battlefield NM: Examining Why We Preserve Battlefields – PWPR 17

The Battle of Little Bighorn is one of the most written about and mythologized battles in US history. On this episode…

Mount Rushmore National Memorial: Preservation of the Sculpture - Ranger Blaine Kortemeyer

Mt Rushmore: Preservation of the Sculpture – PWPR 16

How does the National Park Service keep the presidents looking pristine? In this episode of Podcasts with Park Rangers we discuss…

Mount Rushmore National Memorial: The Story Behind An American Icon - Maureen McGee-Ballinger

Mt Rushmore: The Story Behind An American Icon – PWPR 15

Have you ever wondered how four presidential faces end up carved into the side of a mountain in the Black Hills…

Badlands NP: Growing Up In The National Parks - Ranger Aaron Kaye

Badlands NP: Growing Up in the National Parks – PWPR 14

What would it be like growing up in the National Parks? Ranger Aaron Kaye’s father was also a Park Ranger, and…

Badlands NP: Bison, Bighornsheep, and Black-footed ferret - Ranger Eddie Childers

Badlands NP: Bison, Bighorn Sheep and Black Footed Ferret – PWPR 13

Badlands National Park wildlife is in a class of its own. Bison, bighorn sheep and the endangered black-footed ferret draw people…

Badlands NP: Paleontology and Visitor Fossil Discoveries - Ranger Ed Welsh

Badlands NP: Paleontology and Visitor Fossil Discoveries – PWPR 12

Did you know the birth of American Paleontology occurred at Badlands National Park? The park is home to one of the…

Minuteman Missile NHS: Commanding the Missile - Ranger Eric Leonard

Minuteman Missile NHS: Commanding the Missile – PWPR 11

We take a look at the Cold War, as we discuss tensions with the USSR which led to the creation of…

Rocky Mountain: Climbing Ranger - Ranger Kevin Sturmer

Rocky Mountain: Climbing Ranger – PWPR 10

Let’s explore what life as a climbing ranger at one of the premier parks for mountain climbing in the world, Rocky…

Rocky Mountain: Alpine Tundra - Ranger Cynthia Langguth

Rocky Mountain: Alpine Tundra – PWPR 9

Elks, pika, and marmot, oh my! Meet the otherworldly mammals of the alpine tundra. And, learn what it takes to dig…

Podcasts with Park Rangers - A Fossil Day at Florissant - Ranger Jeff Wolin

A Fossil Day at Florissant – PWPR 8

Plant and insect fossils and petrified tree stumps are the main attractions at Florissant Fossil Beds National Monument. But, many visitors…

Canyonlands National Park - Ranger Shannan Marcak - The Needles District

Canyonlands: The Needles District – PWPR 7

The red rock canyons of Utah are some of the most iconic landscapes in the National Park System. In the Needles…

Great Sand Dunes National Park & Preserve - Ranger Fred Bunch - Singing Sands

Great Sand Dunes NP: Singing Sands – PWPR 6

The tallest sand dunes in North America are located high in the mountains of Colorado. But did you know, they can…

Arches National Park - Ranger Heidi Wainer - Parks as Classrooms

Arches NP: Parks As Classrooms – PWPR 5

The National Parks are often acclaimed as America’s Greatest Idea. But did you know, our National Parks are also America’s Largest…

El Malpais National Monument - Ranger Cassie Branstetter - Life Amongst Ancient Lava Flows

El Malpais NM: Life Among Ancient Lava Flow – PWPR 4

Ancient lava flows compose a major part of a dramatic and barren landscape at El Malpais National Monument, located in the…

El Morro National Monument - Ranger Wendy Gordge - What it means to leave your mark

El Morro NM: What It Means To Leave Your Mark – PWPR 3

A park well known for historical graffiti – El Morro National Monument is a hidden gem of the National Park System….

Carlsbad Caverns - Ranger Rod Horrocks - Bats, Caves and Microbe Wars

Carlsbad Caverns: Bats, Caves and Microbe Wars – PWPR 2

Let’s talk bats, microbes and cave maps! Rod Horrocks is a Physical Scientist and the Chief of Resources Stewardship and Science…

Carlsbad Caverns: Ranger Katie Crowley - Finding Peace in the Darkness

Carlsbad Caverns: Finding Peace in the Darkness – PWPR 1

What’s it like to be a Park Ranger at one of the biggest caves in the US? Let’s explore the other-worldliness…

A Preview of What’s To Come!

The First Episodes of Podcasts With Park Rangers

In the first few episodes of Podcasts with Park Rangers, we’re going to explore the Desert Southwest:

  • We speak with Rangers at Carlsbad Caverns about the beauty of the cave.
  • We talk about the science of how Carlsbad Caverns was formed, and the animals & microbes that inhabit the cave.
  • We’re going to travel to smaller National Park units at El Morro and El Malpais National Monuments in New Mexico to learn about history and geology.
  • We’re going through Utah to take a look at the Education Program at Arches.
  • We’ll discuss the tallest sand dunes in North America with the Cheif of Natural Resources at Great Sand Dunes NP.
  • And, we’ll take a look at what it takes to be a ranger at Canyonlands.

In doing so, we hope to inspire you to explore. And, not just the 60 National Parks, but all 417 National Parks and historic sites.

The Rangers and National Parks that we have talked with so far have been really excited for this! We’re just as excited to bring this to you.

If you’re really excited about our show, sign up for podcasts updates below!


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