Lucas and Sarah wedding picture.We’re Lucas and Sarah Villa-Kainec, two full-time RVers traveling across the country to visit all the National Parks and Historic Sites in the United States — all 417 — and maybe a few in Canada. (I’m looking at you Banff).Since 2009, we’ve been camping and hiking across the US. We love to go off the beaten path and get to the essence of every place we visit.

Lucas and Sarah hiking in Rocky Mountain National Park.

Call us “outdoor enthusiasts” — we’re far from hardcore hikers, backpackers, or explorers. We feel everyone deserves to get outside, and our goal is to empower you to do the same.

You May Ask Yourself: How Did We Get Here?

In 2009, we met playing the video game Rock Band at a bar with friends. We’ve played competitively and have even won a National Championship… Super nerdy, we know!

Rock Band Competition

Performing in costume as the Skanky Emu Militia

So how did these epic geeks end up outside?

After a few short hiking trips in Colorado, Sarah thought it would be fun — and cost-effective — to plan a 10-day car camping excursion: 3 states, 6 National Parks and Monuments, and an ambitious plan to see Yellowstone in 5 days.

Lucas and Sarah at Yellowstone National Park.

Looking back, it all seems a little insane to plan so much. Nevermind we had never camped before, and had no idea what we were doing! But, one exhausting trip and a few arguments on tent setup later, we found a new love and passion for camping.

Many adventures have followed:

Lucas and Sarah wedding picture in Hawaii.

Married in 2012 in Hawaii.

Lucas and Sarah at a festival.

Traveled to many, many music festivals and concerts – yea we got a little crazy with the clothes.

Lucas and Sarah hiking and camping in Colorado.

Camped and hiked nearly every summer all over Colorado.

The experiences that stood out to us as the most memorable were those when we got outside to explore all the wonderful things our country has to offer.

A New Goal

In the summer of 2014, we set a huge goal for ourselves. To see all the 417 National Parks and Historic sites in the park system. We know this is a crazy idea — I guess we are full of them — and we knew it would probably be a lifetime undertaking.

After a couple years of attempting to do this, we started to realize that we might not visit them all until we retired. And, that’s where another nutty idea began to brew: Why not buy an RV and work on the road?

The RV - named the Dusty Rose.

The Dusty Rose

In 2017, we sold the house in Denver and bought the RV. (You can see the story here). Now, we’re on the road full time, along with our 3 cats, to bring you our adventures through the National Parks.


Sarah holding a broken pay phone.

This is not how phones work…

I’m the epic planner of the family: the one who meticulously plans every moment of our trips to bring you the best information on how to explore the parks. I also run the website. After 10 years of being a corporate computer programmer — it seemed a natural fit.

My favorite National Park so far has probably been Yellowstone. We went in the off-season to avoid the crowds. While it was super chilly in the fall, we still had a great time: exploring geysers, marveling at buffalo, and complaining how stinky Sulphur Cauldron was.

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Lucas Running to Sign at Dinosaur NM.

Lucas said he’s running from a dinosaur here…

I’m the dreamer and the voice. In our videos and podcast, I help bring you along our journeys through the parks. My business is in voiceover, and I aid companies in creating tech-splainer videos for their customers and employees.

My favorite National Park, and it is so hard to choose, has been Acadia National Park. There’s such a wide variety of outdoor activities — camping, hiking, biking, and kayaking — as well as some very interesting history to the park. I’m anxious to get back soon because there is too much to explore in just one trip!

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The Fellowship of Cats: Boromir, Faramir, and Pippin

Virtual Kamper Cats

You might be wondering where their names come from. Again, we are geeks, and we love Lord of the Rings.

All three love to go outside in the cat tent, and Boromir, in particular, enjoys long walks in the campground. They really seem to like RVing since the outside changes pretty often.

They’re our adventure cats, and they love to keep us company — when they aren’t getting into trouble!

Boromir Getting Into Trouble.

I’m not getting into trouble, it’s supposed to be like this!

With Our Powers Combined

Several car camping trips, a somewhat successful backpacking trip and ½ a year of RVing under our belt… we want to take you on this journey with us!

We’ve made it our mission to bring you the best tips and information you can find while exploring our National Parks and historic sites. Bringing awareness to what might be right in your backyard, and inspiring you to go places you didn’t even know existed.

We hope to instill in you that same love of camping and deep appreciation for the National Parks that, in no small way, brought the two of us together.

Lucas and Sarah backpacking.

Oh my — those are overloaded backpacks!

Feel free to explore our blog. And, if you ever need anything or just want to say “hi”, please reach out.

If you’d like to know a bit more about where we’ve been featured since we launched Podcasts with Park Rangers, check out our In the Media page.